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Pricing Transparency

Hospital Charges and Price Estimates for Patients

Hospital Charges:

Hospitals must be prepared to care for any illness or major accident 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because every patient is unique, hospital charging becomes complex as it reflects the individual services provided to a patient based on many factors, including equipment, supplies, pharmaceuticals and levels of staffing.

Chargemaster (CDM)

The CDM is a comprehensive list of the individual price (charge) for services necessary to provide patient care. This list includes room and board, procedures, supplies, drugs, surgery time, anesthesia and recovery time charges. The total price (charge) of a procedure is comprised of many individual prices (charges). 

Total Charges

The dollar amount submitted on the claim for total services provided to the patient before any insurance discounts.


The amount paid to the hospital for services provided to the patient. This includes money received from primary and secondary insurers as well as from the patient. The reimbursement amount is lower than the charged amount secondary to insurance discounts or allowances.

Out-of-pocket costs

The amount a patient pays to the hospital, usually in the form of a deductible, coinsurance and/or co-pay.  


Self-pay is when a patient is required to pay out of pocket for health-related services because he/she does not have insurance coverage. For patients who do not have insurance, Catholic Health Services has a financial assistance program for patients who qualify.

Catholic Health Services is committed to being transparent about our charges. The information on this site/link contains the charges for all services and items provided by our hospital. The charges are uniform for all patients served by our hospitals.

Click here for information about Patient Estimates.

Additional Information

Hospital charges rarely reflect the expected hospital payment, hospital reimbursement or patient out-of-pocket expense for a specific hospital service. Your own charges, hospital payment, hospital reimbursement and/or out-of-pocket expenses will depend on one or more of the following:

  • the actual patient care services received
  • the terms of your insurance coverage, and/or
  • your eligibility for financial assistance

For a more complete understanding of your estimated out-of-pocket expenses, you should contact your insurer or the hospital’s patient financial counseling department at:

Catholic Health: (631) 465-6321
St. Catherine of Siena Hospital: (631) 862-3019
St. Charles Hospital: (631) 474-6363
Good Samaritan Hospital: (631) 376-3328
Mercy Hospital: (516) 705-2983
St. Francis Hospital & Heart Center: (516) 277-4948
St. Joseph Hospital: (516) 520-2600


Hospital Charges

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