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Perinatal Program

mom and baby

Family-Centered Perinatal Program
In addition, this one-call outreach assists expectant parents who have received a prenatal diagnosis of a life-limiting illness such as anencephaly, severe chromosomal anomalies, inoperable cardiac abnormalities or Potter’s syndrome. Through Gabriel’s Courage—CHS’s family-centered perinatal program—obstetricians, registered nurses, social workers, chaplains, child life specialists and bereavement specialists work together to offer compassionate support, education and birth planning services. Through the development of a birth plan, parents are able to determine the care they want for their baby and make decisions for their newborn prior to birth. An important component of the program is taking memory-building photos, footprints and handprints, reaffirming the precious life of this special infant. For more than a year after the child’s birth, the team will remain in contact with the family to help bridge the feelings of loss, while validating the role of the parents.

Call 631-465-6363.