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Pinnacle Awards

HANYS Pinnacle Awards

CHS strives to create a culture driven by quality of care and patient safety. Over the past few years, care teams have been dedicated to intensive efforts to create the safest environments and deliver the best patient outcomes. Success is also celebrated internally with an annual day of education and sharing of best practices across the system. Each year, this work is summarized and submitted to the Hospital Association of New York State (HANYS) for consideration of a Pinnacle Quality and Patient Safety Award. These esteemed awards recognize organizations that are playing a leading role in promoting improvements in healthcare delivery.

CHS System Award Winner in All Categories

Since 2010, CHS has been a recipient of the Pinnacle Award six times, and is one of two health care systems that have won across each category that span from health care system level to post-acute outpatient provider.

In both 2017 and 2018, CHS received two of the four awards, in the acute-care hospital category for two years in a row, across a very competitive New York State. While CHS is thankful for the recognition, it acknowledges that the most important impact is that these efforts enables CHS to better serve patients and the community.

CHS Pinnacle Awards

CHS has built off its HANYS participation by launching our own Pinnacle Awards. These awards are modeled after the Healthcare Association of New York State (HANYS) Pinnacle Award as a way of acknowledging efforts in support of our two highest priorities: quality and patient safety. Since 2014, CHS has gathered together annually to celebrate and recognize our own internal quality work with those playing a leading role in promoting improvements in health care delivery.

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