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Gianna Center Health Quiz

Thank you for your interest in The Gianna Center—a natural medical approach to women's health. Please complete the following quiz so we can better understand your health needs.

Contact Information
Have you experienced infertility or recurrent pregnancy losses?
Are you looking for an alternative to in vitro fertilization?
For patients experiencing infertility or who have had a miscarriage, please also complete the following section on Reproductive Health.
Reproductive Health
Do you experience very long, very short or very heavy periods?
Do you experience prolonged dark or brown colored bleeding during your periods?
Do you experience prolonged or severe PMS symptoms?
Have you ever been concerned about the severity of your menstrual cramps?
Family Planning
Are you looking for a non-hormonal, natural approach to avoiding pregnancy that is 99.5% effective?
Menopause Management
Are you interested in using bioidentical hormones to manage symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, night sweats and mood changes?